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Purpose, function and management of online patient support services

Iron Disorders Institute provides online patient support services. One of the most popular is the Excess Iron Discussion List.

The List provides a modestly censored* open venue through which patients can share experiences with other patients although, sometimes healthcare professionals participate. The List is “strictly opinion” and support.  The benefit of this openness allows us to learn what is important to people while its members get to know one another and appreciate that they are not alone–there is a high degree of camaraderie and community spirit on the List, which can be encouraging to someone who is reaching out.
*we do not block individuals for their opinion so long as it is iron related. When content is not iron related, it is reviewed by individuals at Iron Disorders Institute who determine if the content does not suit the purpose and guidelines of these venue.

If you have questions or problems with our online venues please contact Stephanie Clary:

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IDI uses a confirmed opt-in subscription process to guarantee that you want to subscribe. Check your email for additional steps needed to respond to the confirmation notice and how to post messages. You will not be able to post messages to the List until you have completed these steps.

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