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Newsletter Archives

Dear Reader: Over the years our newsletter has appeared in several forms: idInsight, idIn Touch, nanograms, Iron Bytes, and Iron News. With few exceptions, our newsletters have been compiled and produced by volunteers. Some back issues were in a form that we could not access and therefore, they do not appear in this list. We know that as with any library, some information is out of date or no longer relevant but these publications also depict stories and articles that we feel are enjoyable to read and helpful in spite of its publication date. So enjoy! The Iron Disorders Institute Publications Team.

Diet Trends for Children

In this issue: four little test, hypogonadism, iron in research 

Iron Needs Conception to Birth

In this issue: Living with thalassemia; Sullivan Family Reunion;                      Cancer & Iron Deficiency

Western Regional Iron Conference

In this issue: iron & neurotoxicity, Double Red Cell Apheresis

Remembering John Beard, Ph.D.

In this issue: GGT and premature death; Delayed Cord Clamping; Cyberchondria: Is the Internet making you sick?

Miracle Babies: Women with Hemochromatosis

In this issue: Metabolic Syndrome; HHC Patients Wrongly Accused of Alcohol      Abuse; Infection: Clever Bugs

Francis Collins, M.D., Ph.D. Update:

In this issue: Puget Sound Blood Center; Children and second hand tobacco smoke;  Jim Koster Story; Antioxidants

Ohio Regional Conference

In this issue: Event Highlights; Personal Journeys Vashti Ray & Anemia, Jane O’Brien & HHC;  Acupuncture: Dr. Ben Zappin; Excess Iron Bone & Joint Disease

FDA Variance

In this issue: IDI Minority Health Council Formed;  Copper and Iron; The Precious Gamble Story, Awareness: ESPN’s 2007 Miss Bikini winner; 40th PGA Golf Champion overcomes health challenges

Hemochromatosis Patients Banned From Giving Blood

In this issue: Genetic Counseling Corner, Cartoonist Melvin Conrad; IBS and Iron Connection Leslie Johnston D.V.M.

Congressional Briefing

In this issue: NASH (Fatty Liver) and Hemochromatosis; Profiles: Lisa Kessler, Marilyn Baker, and Isabelle Bedell

Claudette Goulbourne Sickle Cell Anemia & Exjade™

In this issue: HHC diabetes; Minority Health Update: Sheila Dogan; Rising Investigator Sierra Randall

American Society of Hematology (ASH) Conference

In this issue: Lisa Kessler, Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA); Profiles: Sheila Dogan, Darlene Mitchiner, Joe Wills, and Wendy Huhn.

Iron Balance in Non-Menstruating Women

In this issue: Famous Person Who Died of HH; Profile Anna Marie’s Legacy–The Jim Hines Story; Dear Loved One Letter

Mary Gooley Hemophilia Center

In this issue: Remembered: Jason Clark; Profile:  Brendan Gallagher, Margaret Kennedy; Gynecologic Cancer; A Chiropractic View by Bonnie Hayes, D.C.

Iron Loading Anemia G6PD Deficiency

in this issue: Profiles Art Callahan; Mardi Brick, and Joe Brinkley; HHC & Gallbladder; Irish HHC Assocation

Adolescent Hemochromatosis

In this issue: Profile Kate Walker; Iron USA 2006; 100-Mile Club

Family Based Detection

In this issue: Donna Marie O’Donnell: Sideroblastic Anemia with HHC; Profiles: The Randall Family; Phyllis’ Story; Aran Gordon; Assessing Liver Tissue

About the Heart

In this issue: Profile Ralph and Sylvia Ross; Bacteria, Viruses, and Iron; The Phantom Itch; Sky Diving Trustee

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