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Why Can’t I Talk With Somebody at Iron Disorders Institute? 

Here’s why. While Iron Disorders Institute is significant in our presence and the medical professionals on our Scientific Advisory Board are experts in the field of iron, we are strictly a 100% volunteer-based organization. receives roughly 1,000,000 unique visitors a year according to Google Analytics. Fielding the number of phone calls and patient requests received from a million unique visitors a year is logistically impossible for our team of volunteers. We are also a national voluntary health agency, not a medical facility. For these reasons, we do not talk directly with patients. Please consult your physician for consultation. 

Iron Disorders Institute exists so that people with iron disorders receive early, accurate (complete) diagnosis, appropriate treatment and are equipped to live in good health. To best share this information and educate the public, we use our websites, books, handouts, and brochures. All materials can be found, downloaded, or purchased by visiting

The purpose of this website is to give you and your family education about Iron-out-of-Balance provided by experts in the field. Share this website with family, friends, and most importantly – your physician.

Iron Disorders Institute
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At ironology, we have all personally struggled with Iron-Out-of-Balance®. In addition to our founding members having battled their own life-threatening iron disorders, we’ve experienced the worry of how to help family members and friends who’ve been diagnosed.

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